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On visiting the beautiful, modern Wight Chiropractic Clinic a full consultation and thorough chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological examination will be performed. Some patients may require to have x-rays or undergo other laboratory procedures in order to fully diagnose their problem.

When chiropractic care is considered to be appropriate then a plan of management will be discussed. Should we decide that chiropractic care is not the treatment of choice for a patient, they will be referred to the relevant healthcare practitioner.

Full consultation and examination with Dr Wight will take up to 45 minutes, however, if prospective patient is uncertain if chiropractic is the treatment of choice they can request an initial 10 minute discussion- no cost incurred.

A consultation appointment can usually be arranged within a week.

To make an appointment please phone reception at either of our practices.

Adjustable treatment chair

Our Services

Consultation & Examination

£ 75


£ 95 ~ 200

If applicable and necessary for clinical diagnosis.



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